Pandemic makes

Knit items have been slower to complete since March when suddenly everyone was home 24/7. Contrary to some assumptions, this does not allow more time or brain or heart space for creative things. Thus, less knitting and design ideas floundering.

What I did start exploring more was sewing masks. As someone who wears glasses and has folks in the house needing a range of sizes, I was forever in search of the ideal mask design. I tried several, adjusted shaping, thought I found something, decided it wasn’t ideal… And then saw a brand new tutorial in August that was everything I wanted. I made up a beta batch, tested on myself and family, then made a few more for family before school opened. I used up my limited stash of cotton fabric and was done.

Or so I thought. Initially my brain calculated that 5 per kid was good. Then reality hit and I realized it wasn’t enough. 6 would be better as it would allow for 2 per day at school, wash at the end of day 2 (4 masks each) and still have 2 masks ready for the next day if the previous 4 are drying on the line.

However, I had honestly used up all my fabric (clearly I am not a assist because I’m pretty sure sewists have fabric stashes equivalent to my yarn stash; but also, I AM low on basic sock yarn… I digress). I did what one must do in this situation: I bought more fabric.

Of course, I didn’t need every inch of that fabric for a few masks. And, of course, I was tempted by multiple fabrics that jumped into my cart. The clear solution to my new problem was to offer to see masks for other people.

A small stack of masks in various fabric patterns.

A month earlier I would not have imagined myself sewing so many masks or selling them. Back then I was also working with awkward and/or unsatisfactory patterns. However, I felt confident now in my mask making and I was very happy to make more so others could enjoy this comfortable style that does not fog glasses.

That’s how I went from making “a few” to over 100.

I am happy to help mask folks during this pandemic and grateful for the support of friends and family.

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