Tech Editing



If I were to write of myself as a TE, I would have to say:

Mandy applies decades of experience in the social sciences/humanities, and a keen eye for perfection as well as inconsistencies, to her tech editing.   Additionally, she draws upon years of knitting with a wide range of patterns, test knitting, and designing to assist designers of all levels of experience to enhance their design offerings.

If you are seeking a quick turn around for tech editing and grammar-check (copy-editing) for your next project, send me an email ( and I would be happy to discuss it.

Pricing:  Tech Editing costs 

What to Expect:

First and foremost, I focus on the technicalities. You don’t want to publish a pattern with errors. You don’t even want to share it with (often unpaid) test knitters who will question why they are doing the job your TE should have done. Trust me, I’ve been that test knitter many times; I’m the one who will catch all the mistakes your TE left within a minute of looking at the pattern.

Secondly, as a skilled academic writer, I can make suggestions on your phrasing, spelling, and grammar. We all have our own style of writing. Pattern designs are not academic papers; there is plenty of room for personal style, but let’s clean up the spelling, grammar, and punctuation to put your best foot forward.

Thirdly, I will admit a bias for straightforward layouts without a lot of extra images, but I am not your layout or graphic design specialist.  I will make suggestions regarding ease of reading for users with the goal of making your design accessible to your audience.

Whatever type of project, I’ve probably done it. Charts or written, you can be assured that I can read it.

Complex lace, brioche and tucks, intarsia, stranded, mosaic, cables, duplicate stitching, bobbles, texture, slipped stitches, dropped stitches, knitting from every direction;

shawls, sweaters, pants (wool soakers), socks from the cuff and toe with a dozen or more constructions, mitts with diverse gussets, hats, blankets, toys, tea cozies, cowls and scarves, bags, jewelry;

cobweb to super bulky weight in diverse yarns;

I love to play with knitting and try all the techniques.