Folks may remember all the times I declared that I would knit anything BUT stranded colourwork.

I created and taught a whole class on the topic. It’s not that I couldn’t or wouldn’t knit stranded work. I’ve made Space Invaders mittens for my partner and mittens for myself (once), but it’s telling that the first version of those Space Invaders mittens were worked with double knitting – purely to avoid stranding.

I’d knit mosaic and double knitting and stripes and intarsia without complaint. Two colour brioche I’ll knit in a heart beat. 💖

Meanwhile, many years ago I invested in a kit from Knit Picks for a starry, stranded colourwork sweater. I had big dreams. That was over a decade ago and I’ve knit many sweaters since then, but none with stranded colourwork.

In the 2019 Imagiknitting KAL (with @imaginedlandscapes) I made a mild attempt to knit the sweater, which is to say I decided I’d do it. However, I also remembered that there was errata in the original pattern that was sent with the yarn and it required new charts and I eventually asked for the new version but it wasn’t going to come as a printed copy and don’t have a colour printer and… I made a lot of excuses to not knit the sweater in 2019. It also turned out I was no longer in love with the pattern.

As 2020 approached along with the new #imagiknittingKAL20 I re-envisioned the sweater with my own patterns for the yoke. These are patterns that reflect me – chevron edges like most Icelandic sweaters have, hearts, sheep for my love of wool and spinning, phases of the moon, and spirals.

Each round was slow (about 25 minutes, yes I timed it) because this is being worked on fingering weight yarn at a sweater (dense) gauge plus using both hands to “catch and throw” and watching the yarn tension over 400+ stitches. However, I succeeded in working my first colourwork yoke!

Stages of colourwork

Now to knit miles of stockinette for the body and sleeves.

Then my first steeked sweater and zipper installation.

I was dreaming big again with this project.

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