Interim post

I had the best of intentions that my next post would be all about spinning for a sweater. However: the best laid plans - and all that jazz (to mix metaphors).  Handspun-handknit sweater is on hiatus. Then I thought I could proudly post about being knit-monogamous and finishing a large lace stole that has been… Continue reading Interim post


Spin to Knit

Most of my spinning is created with a project in mind. Much of it is knit up immediately.  It is not that I have an aversion to adding handspun yarns to my stash; some yarns have found their way there. I prefer, however, if I can, to not set my yarn aside as eye-candy.  Having… Continue reading Spin to Knit

Heartfelt Conversation

Over the years I have become quite particular about who I am willing to test knit for. Kristina Vilimaite of AnimaKnits is one of those few. The day before the Manitoba Fibre Festival, I signed up to test her newest shawl, Heartfelt Conversation, using a DK weight yarn. I knew I did not have enough… Continue reading Heartfelt Conversation

Thick and Thin

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then you will have seen some of these spinning works in progress. I'm not even sure where to begin; but everything not related to other knitting projects seems best. I have been alternating between fine and not-so-fine spinning. Sometimes I need a quick spin. A skein in… Continue reading Thick and Thin

Fibre Fest sampler

During the Flatlands Collection KAL I knit Susie Gourlay's design - the Aura Wrap.  I fell in love with the colour blocks and relaxing textures while tech editing. It also seemed a great stashbuster for precious single skeins - bigger than a shawlette or hat. I started with my deep, richly coloured skein of Merino-YAK-nylon… Continue reading Fibre Fest sampler

Garden of Dreams

In July we traveled to Ontario to celebrate my cousin's wedding.  To honour her marriage, I created and knit a shawl for her. The result is my Garden of Dreams design. Earlier in the year I asked her preferences, wedding colours, dress style, etc.  From that discussion I determined that a semi-circle shaping that stays… Continue reading Garden of Dreams

Yarn Spinners on Display

I took on coordinating the Handspun Yarns competition a couple years ago because, quite simply, I wanted to see more handspun yarns created by our community on display at the Manitoba Fibre Festival.  They are inspiring to other handspinners as well as folks at the Festival who are considering expanding their fibre-artistry.  I encourage folks… Continue reading Yarn Spinners on Display

It was the best of times

It was the best of times; it was the Manitoba Fibre Festival. September is a blur.  Back to school (first year for my youngest pair), all the after-school programs resume (including my own), schedules to be re-established, day jobs, committees meeting... In the middle of it all - the highlight of my autumn - is… Continue reading It was the best of times

Fibre Tribe (or, why I <3 the Manitoba Fibre Festival)

The Merriam-Webster dictionary (for kids; keeping it direct) defines Tribe as "a group of persons with a common character, occupation, or interest" and "a social group made up of many families, clans, or generations that share the same language, customs, and beliefs". Social group. Folks with common interests. Many generations. So much of this applies… Continue reading Fibre Tribe (or, why I ❤ the Manitoba Fibre Festival)

Lace Enhancements

Lace was my gateway to knitting. Once upon a time, when I was a young child, someone showed me how to create the knit stitch. Just that. I worked a length of garter "scarf" in some horrid (I am talking about scratchy thick stuff) acrylic for a while and decided I hated knitting. I was… Continue reading Lace Enhancements