Out of Touch

My phone died. In the middle of looking for a pattern to pair with some new yarns I'd picked up at the Blue Hills Fibre Festival, my phone went black.  It's not coming back. I am without a camera! I really want to share my finished Mammatus Cowl, but I can't because - no camera.… Continue reading Out of Touch


Spring Spinning

Yesterday I wrote about weaving community in the context of feeling as if I was spinning out of control for a bit earlier this season.  Yes, that's a segue. This morning I updated the Manitoba Fibre Festival blog with a reminder for folks to spin up their beauties for the Handspun Skeins competition. To answer… Continue reading Spring Spinning

April is my favourite month. Is it yours?

April is a delightful month. Not only because I celebrate my birth. Alone. No other immediate family celebrations (like March). And not just because there is, inevitably, extra chocolate in the house (even if much of it is low quality). April has the real beginnings of spring. March gets false hope, if anything. I frequently… Continue reading April is my favourite month. Is it yours?

Winter Nights

    Winter in Manitoba can be blindingly-bright with the daytime sun reflecting off the snow and ice.  It can also be grey and dark. I have a dog; I take a lot of late night walks; I am accustomed to the dark, tree-covered, bare-branches with hints of snow glinting in the night lights. Approaching… Continue reading Winter Nights