Fur-Baby Fluff Transformation

We’ve all plucked our beloved fur-baby’s fuzz and imagined making something soft with it. We may desire a token to remember them by over the years, or perhaps something warm (because that fur-baby fluff is cozy warm!) to wear.

I can help you to achieve that dream if you provide the fluff. Contact me to determine the details. (Note: I typically provide this as a local service, but I am willing to ship if needed.)

Services include:

*Washing the fur (optional if fur is clean; not optional if fur needs to be cleaned).

*Blending the fur with a longer fibre such as wool. This is ideal for a more versatile yarn and you will get a lot more yarn. We can also use a dyed, colourful wool for more fun and to allow the pet fluff to stand out. Optional.

*Spinning a 3-ply yarn. Three plies are ideal to reduce shedding.  This means that I will spin three threads and then twist (ply) those threads together as a single yarn.  It is more work than a 2-ply yarn (50% more work), but results in a better yarn with less shedding. More plies are also possible.  (Most commercial yarns that you will commonly find in big stores are 3 or 4 plies). A 2-ply yarn is also possible if blended with wool.

*Spinning a cable-plied yarn. This form of yarn is the most effective at reducing shedding and providing a yarn with great stitch definition. It is also the most labour intensive.

I have a lot of experience with knitting and crochet if you need help in transforming the finished yarn. I am also amenable to bartering for fluff.

Fluff Collection Tip – focus on the tufts of fluff you find when your pet is shedding. Guard hairs will be prickly, so it is advisable for you to remove them. Store fluff in a paper bag.

Contact me to discuss costs.