I got nuttin’

Confession: I'm bereft of ideas for the Makers Challenge. I got nuttin' That's okay. It's okay to have a creative slump. However, I feel a self-imposed pressure to have 'something' or somethings to share. I pulled out fibre. I spun nothing. I've seen wonderful, inspired yarns and fibre. I see the Challenge everywhere. My daily… Continue reading I got nuttin’


Makers Challenge

A quick re-direct to say that I've posted the details concerning the Manitoba Fibre Festival Makers Challenge over at the Festival website. The full details are here as a page that can be found from the top nav bar of the website. There is also a shorter summary on today's blog post.

Joyful Mid-Winter Blues

Winter is beautiful. [Let's bracket out the usual things we gripe about such as -40 C temperatures in Winnipeg.] Amidst the white snow and grey skies (and roads) and black nights; the dark silhouettes of naked elms and the evergreens tipped in snow; the brown dried leaves dotting the scene - there is one glorious… Continue reading Joyful Mid-Winter Blues

Colourwork for folks who dislike colourwork

It's okay to like stranding. It's okay to not like stranding. This class is for everyone; but there's no stranding. When I think of colourwork, I think of stranded knitting and all the gorgeous knits I see around me, on Ravelry, on Instagram, and on the interwebs in general. I think of the stranded yoke… Continue reading Colourwork for folks who dislike colourwork