Manitoba Fibres

Currently I am immersed in Folklorama at the Scandinavian Pavilion, so it seemed a good time to get serious about spinning local wool and alpaca for the Pembina Fibre Shed One Year One Outfit Challenge (2022 edition) and the Great Canadian Wool-a-Long. Meanwhile, we're also preparing for the Manitoba Fibre Festival returning to the Red… Continue reading Manitoba Fibres


Manitoba Fibre Trail 2021

Sweaters and Beaded Knits Suddenly it is September of 2021 and another year of a Fibre Trail (in lieu of a single-location Festival) is upon us. I miss Festivals and All The People - and that's coming from an introvert. I'm looking forward to visiting multiple locations across our province, but I'll be staying fairly… Continue reading Manitoba Fibre Trail 2021


Rescued from Drafts, autumn 2019. 2019 Strangely (for me) in an ongoing state of burn-out, I find myself knitting a lot of socks. The knitting in itself isn't odd, it's the fact that my projects are socks. I suppose that the high level of productivity for Yule gifts helps with my current state of mind.… Continue reading Sock-itis


With lockdowns well in place and online shopping booming, I am grateful for local options and contactless pick up or delivery. While my daughter waits for her post-holidays gift-card-shopping online stuff to arrive in the mail, I was able to quickly solve two knitting dilemmas locally. For the first, I started a mystery sock knit-a-long… Continue reading Local

Adding an Insert

I received an inquiry about being able to add a filter opening to my two-layer cotton masks. As these masks are already in the possession of many folks, I sought a simple solution. I have experimented on my personal masks and there is a relatively simple option for folks who might want to "hack" their… Continue reading Adding an Insert