Tread Softly

Tread Softly

Welcome to my forest. Please enter, but tread softly.

If you enjoy lace, circular shawls, and the fauna and flora of a forest, I am certain you will adore this shawl.

This pattern is fully charted. Some of the components have been modified from existing stitch patterns I love and others are entirely my own creation. Although this is based on the math of a pi shawl, you won’t find any boring eyelet rounds here. You will find lace, texture, and some fun stitches.

This is an intermediate level shawl and assumes that you have some experience knitting lace. You will also need to know how to start with an invisible, circular cast on. (There are many diverse tutorials available online, and multiple methods.) The lace edging is knit on. In the instructions I suggest a provision CO for grafting, however since then I have learned from and started using the grafting instructions provided on Knit Like a Pirate. Although the method and links provided in the original pattern will still work fine, I now find this method easier.

Meterage and Yardage:
1900-2100 meters or 2100-2300 yards. Actual yardage used will depend on the yarn you select and your needle size, as well as your own gauge. As with most lace, gauge is not particularly important, so grab your favourite lace yarn and needles and join in. Keep in mind that some of the shawl has stockinette and texture, as opposed to all open lace. This may affect your yarn and needle choice. When in doubt, swatch.


Lace weight.


3.25mm and 3.75mm

Price: $7.50 Cdn

Clarification for Circling Pack – when shifting the SOR, knit the stitches being shifted.

Hints I provided prior with the mystery KAL in 2012 about this design:
1) there are some nupps. Because I love nupps. You could substitute beads if you really want.
2) beads are not written into the pattern, but many KAL members added these for a beautiful effect. Add at your own discretion.
3) the edging is knit on. Yay, you don’t have to bind off hundreds of stitches! … (Yes, I know, it’s still a lot work).
4) Changing colours between charts would be fine because they are each distinct sections.
5) If yardage is a concern for you, keep in mind that the knit- on border requires about 30% of the total yardage. At least one KAL member omitted the final border and worked her own loose BO for a beautiful effect. Alternately, you could use another yarn for the edging, or knit it a few stitches less wide to save on yarn if you feel that you are cutting it close.

Copyright Notice Each clue from the KAL, as well as the cumulative pattern, is subject to copyright law. Pattern parts cannot be copied or otherwise shared. Each person must download their own copy, but feel free to print off multiple copies to mark up for your own use.