Several pairs of hand-knit socks

Rescued from Drafts, autumn 2019.


Strangely (for me) in an ongoing state of burn-out, I find myself knitting a lot of socks. The knitting in itself isn’t odd, it’s the fact that my projects are socks. I suppose that the high level of productivity for Yule gifts helps with my current state of mind.

Thus, for the first time in their lives I am knitting socks for my twins. These knit up quickly with some go-to sock yarn – Kroy. I modified Hermione’s Everyday socks pattern to 54 sts for them and knit to fit. I like a sock with a simple stitch pattern that I can easily count repeats of. It makes it much easier for me to repeat the second sock if I am knitting them one at a time, as I did here.

The burnt orange is another pair of Kroy socks. This pair is for my sister who has long feet. I prefer to knit her socks toe-up (and two at a time from a single skein) to make sure I’ll have enough yarn. I do the same for my dad as they have similar sized feet.

In the green is a pair I have just cast on for my mom. I’m going to let the self-patterning Opal yarn do the creative work here. I’d long ago started a pair of Wedge socks (by Cookie A) for her in this yarn, but somewhere along the way I lost the pattern in the sock and decided I’d rather let the colourway work its pattern on its own. It seemed wrong for me to have socks ready for so many folks but not my mom (who gets at least a pair a year from me – she has more of my knit socks than I do).

In the bottom right is a pair of socks for my husband knit with a very special yarn. He gets all the best yarns. This is a locally raised yarn spun at a small mill. The sheep’s name is Grey Beauty and she lives at Ferme Fiola.

In the left corner is my first pair of hand-spun socks – for me.

Winter 2020-1 addendum

It’s been over a year of me knitting more socks, I see. Maybe I’ve finally conceded I don’t need more shawls. No, that can’t be it – I knit more. Sweaters? Nope, I’ve been knitting those too.

I think I’ve simply found More sock-worthy folks which has given me an excuse to knit more socks. I also “discovered” DK and worsted weight socks this past winter – perfect for cold feet indoors and for whipping up pairs for my large-footed family members.


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