With lockdowns well in place and online shopping booming, I am grateful for local options and contactless pick up or delivery. While my daughter waits for her post-holidays gift-card-shopping online stuff to arrive in the mail, I was able to quickly solve two knitting dilemmas locally.

For the first, I started a mystery sock knit-a-long in January, but after the cuff I had to concede that my stash yarn was not going to work with the delicately-cabled pattern. I reached out to a local dyer and found a perfect, gorgeous option. While I was at it, I snagged one more skein and a big bottle of wool wash before I run out (of soap, not yarn).

New Year yarn, copper yarn, and Unicorn wool wash from Manjusha Fibre Arts.

A week later I had another dilemma. I had promised my eldest a sweater that she requested. Initially she’d wanted it knit up in handspun Hawk I was still working on, but when I finished she decided she wanted a different yarn from my stash. I cast on with the leftover skeins of WYS, DK weight, BFL. Checking numerous published designs for a sweater in this weight and gauge, etc. in her size assured me that I’d have enough yarn even though I had my doubts.

I was right. I had enough for the body but not the sleeves. I remembered that my LYS Wolseley Wool had started carrying yarn from WYS. (I ordered mine in England a few years ago for delivery to my husband’s hotel while he was working.) Fortunately I was able to find another DK weight yarn from the same mill (WYS) in a natural colour. The wool source is not the same, but I guessed that at least the spin and only would match and both should be off-white. I crossed my fingers and ordered more to pick up.

New skein against “old” ball
New yarn next to knitting

The match is not exact in colour, but the sleeves will match and we’ll call it a design feature. 😉

With yarn in hand I was ready to seam up the freshly washed and blocked pieces to knit sleeves.

I’m very pleased with the seaming because I had a thought while designing this project to include a purl column up the sides where I would seam and to stop the column where I knew the drop shoulder sleeves would begin. Practical and makes a nice side seam finished look.


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