Gearing up for Festivals – pt 1

It’s that time of year again where I gear up for more Festival posts.

First up, for me, is Folklorama. I serve as the entertainment coordinator for the Scandinavian Pavilion. I also perform, host, prepare the stage show, and various other things behind the scenes. This year we are celebrating 50 years along with Folklorama because we are one of the original pavilions – from before “Folklorama” even existed. Along with the rest of the pavilion committee, I’ve been enjoying looking back at our archives.  We’ll be featuring our archives throughout our pavilion this year.

I facilitated some special 50th anniversary lapel pins for our volunteers.  The graphic has also been used on aprons for our kitchen and serving folks as well as on t-shirts.


The original art was prepared by one of our volunteers and dancers.  Once we knew what type of image we wanted, I sent it to Claire, a graphics artist at Awards Canada, who prepared a graphic design that would work on a smaller surface such as a lapel pin.  After a few exchanges about edits, we had a design ready for production.

I’m excited to share these with our incredible volunteers. Like any festival, Folklorama pavilions could not happen without the efforts of volunteers – our entire committee is volunteers.

I also made new sashes for our four ambassadors. Instead of purchasing new, (disposable; the nylon sashes fall apart almost immediately) sashes each year, I had the (“why do I have to have great ideas?”) suggestion to sew fabric sashes and embroider them. As a bonus, I thought, they could have hidden pockets on the back side because most of our cultural attire does not have pockets.


Guess who ended up making new sashes. After purchasing embroidery machine patterns, plans to use a machine fell through.   In the end I created stencils and painted them by hand (with a textile medium).


They do look fantastic and I am entirely biased in that opinion.

Four more days until we open. Let the dress rehearsals begin!


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