April 2019 note – it appears I neglected to finish and post this last September! Let me just get it out of my drafts….

Full confession: I bought more stash at the winter fibre frolic.

Dear fellow fibre folk,

have you ever had the overwhelming feeling / realization that you do not need more yarn and / or fibre?

I’ve had rational thoughts about not “needing” more, but who listens to such silliness when one is presented with a festival full of yarn and fibre, or a local yarn shop, or a yarnie vendor at some unrelated craft sale, or a local farm selling fleeces. You get the idea. It’s near-impossible to resist enhancing the stash. If you’re like me, those new acquisitions will also find their way to the top of the “queue” (until the next event).

This past Friday, however, as I was moving fibre and yarn and raw fleece out of the way to make sure my partner could easily reach the dog food while I was away for 2 days at the Manitoba Fibre Festival, I experienced the strangest sensation: I had a strong “feeling” that I *really* did not need more yarn and fibre.

Not that this stopped me from bringing home any fibre-goodness from the Festival, but it did limit me.

This is all I brought home and 3 of those piles of fluff were prizes.

Who was I to resist autumnal merino-silk top from Wild Wind Naturals (top right) when my daughter insisted I *had* to buy it because 1) it’s my colours and 2) I always bring home some merino-silk from WWN. She’s not wrong.

Along the top left is some divine worsted weight yarn provided by Oreo, formerly of Ferme Fiola. As I look at this image, I wonder if I might pair it with the yarn I will spin from the black-rainbow SILK I bought from Cloud 9 Fiberworks.

Below that is the indigo-dyed cotton from Sarah Elizabeth that I did indeed need to add to my stash because I’ve only spun cotton once and that was raw fibre from the seaside cliff of Cuba many years ago.

Running down the middle, I won hand-dyed alpaca (in a Slurpee cup!) from Enchanted Grove alpacas, BFL naturally dyed with black walnuts by the Sheepish Spinner, and the most glorious 1:1 blend of white Shetland and Mohair from Prairie’s Edge.

Lastly, the cutest small project bag printed by Anna of Long Way Homestead because it will also serve an educational purpose.

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