Tour de Fleece – wrapped up

The summer months are busy.  There are beaches to visit, games to play, housework, work-work, stories.  Family-life stuff.  Nevertheless, I managed to fit in some spinning time during the morning and evenings.  I hope you’ve managed to find some time to spin. I particularly to hope to see some new Prairie-made yarns at the Handspun Skeins competition during the Manitoba Fibre Festival.

I made a decent dent in the fibre stash and have some new lovely yarns to show for it.  Come see:

The first task was to finish my lace weight (or light fingering) 3ply cashmere-merino-silk blend.  400m of delight.  (Okay, they’re all delightful!) I am so happy I found this at Manjusha Fibre Arts‘ stall at the last minute of the Blue Hills Fibre Festival.

Second in line was beautiful BFL in a lilac purple dyed by Manjusha Fibre Arts.  I also happened to have some BFL singles leftover from my Irises colourway dyed by Cloud 9 Fiberworks to ply with.  227m of worsted weight 3ply has been added to my BFL collection.

Next I was about to spin something else from the stash, but I was interrupted by the arrival of my Tits Out Collective merino fibre dyed by Cloud 9 Fiberworks.  The wheel was empty, thus I had to start spinning this fabulous colourway.  I went for my usual 3ply preference to layer the colours. I debated doing something like a chain ply to keep colours together, but if I wanted solid colour sections, I could have bought one of a hundred variations of the yarn. Nope, if I’m going to spin this colourway, I decided the colours needed to play together in plying, which is something one can’t get from a dyed yarn (when colour is added to the finished yarn).  I finished 213m of 3ply worsted weight and plied the remaining 2 plies together for 23m.

Following the riot of colour, and a few purple-heavy yarns, I thought I would tone it all down with some yellow. More accurately, my yellow-loving 6 year old thought I was due to spin yellow. I happened to have one bump of “Fish N Chips” merino dyed by Studio Edefyn and now I have 236m of a quick 2ply worsted weight yarn.

At the end of the tour, I dove into one of my 1lb bags of dyed Falkland from Tog and Thel.  So far I have one 3ply, worsted weight skein of 198m, some leftover singles, and a whole lot of fluff to spin.



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