KAL-ling the Flatlands

It has been 4 days since the Manitoba Fibre Festival Flatlands Collection was launched on Ravelry. If you haven’t snagged a pattern (or more) yet, quick – the discount ends soon on August 6 (end of day, CST)

I’ve cast on for an Aura shawl, designed by Susie of Knit Natural. I like the bright colours she used, but I wanted to CO ASAP, so I went stash-diving.  I didn’t have to look far to find the skein of Merino-Yak-Nylon fingering I snagged at the Blue Hills fibre fest this spring. Tammy of Manjusha Farm prepared the most glorious rich colours that I’ve been aching to knit.


For my other two colours, I’m imagining a skein of the 2017 Manitoba Fibre Festival colourway dyed by Cloud 9 Fiberworks. It will be available at the Festival, but there are also some early opportunities to buy a skein (in worsted or fingering weight), including next week at the Wolseley Market. (Details at the bottom of the colourway blog post linked above.)


I don’t have the yarn on hand yet, so I was using the logo while imagining the colours together. I believe the MFF colourway will provide a lovely middle contrast with my dark yarn. To add to that, I have some handspun singles (dyed by WildWind Naturals) that will provide a lighter contrast. I finished spinning the last bit of fibre today, despite the best efforts of the new kitten.


After that, I’m not sure what I will CO, but I’m leaning towards CoCo’s path as a winter gift. It looks wonderfully squishy.

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