Road Trip pt 2


It was a fantastic whirlwind of fun, visiting, and travels. I wasn’t very good at getting photos. For example, I met up with the KW Uptown Knitmob and I have no photo proof. However, I did have lovely chats.

Also had a BBQ with friends – no group photo. Fail. Stayed with an old friend – no photo. As I type this from my hotel room in Ottawa I am realizing I really wish we had taken more photos.

I did capture some of the fun at Canada’s Wonderland and at the Museums we visited in Kitchener-Waterloo (with the kids; so they are mostly kid-photos).

I knit on the road, but there was little opportunity to knit on stops.  I also gifted several items from my “unclaimed knits” collection. Now I have room to knit more! fewf.


Now that I’ve wrapped that trip up, it is time to get back to the Manitoba Fibre Festival fun.  The Flatlands collection releases soon. Test knitting should be wrapping up. KALs will start. Lookbook of designs and contributers is coming.

Plus, there is the handspun skeins competition to think about.

Oh, and Folklorama. I should also focus on fixing costumes and rehearsals and other entertainment coordinator duties.  Good thing my hubby is taking off to England for a couple weeks soon, without me, and I won’t have to schedule plans I make for kids and I around his work schedule. #silverlining

One of these days I hope to be able to go with him on a business trip, but work keeps scheduling these things at the most inopportune times (for me).



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