Road Trip


You know you are serious about long distance driving – with 3 kids in back – when your first coffee of the morning (barely, at 11:30) is in Dryden.  

Hit the road in Winnipeg shortly after 6:30am with a sac full of fleece to deliver to Wellington Fibres (for Cloud 9 Fiberworks – stay tuned), a van full of kids, homemade banana muffins, and handknit gifts to share with family. We are on our way to a wedding on Lake Huron, then over to visit friends in our former-home-town of Kitchener-Waterloo. We will be visiting Niagara Falls (more family) and Canada’s Wonderland (coasters!). Next couple of stops will include Kingston and Ottawa (because we’re this far already) before heading home and relieving our family of house- and pet-care.

Forgot to mention the quick stop at Wellington Fibres between the lake and KW.

Caravaning (in our Caravan) with my parents. We are leading the way and pushing on, to much protest. Loooong days.


I brought 5 WIPs including 2 pullovers (one lace-weight, one fingering weight needing sleeves) and 3 shawls.

I gave grand imaginings of finishing a cabled stole for a friend by Wednesday. I am a little of a quarter done. 

I did succeed in finishing one shawl today. 


Made it to the wedding destination. Let the fun begin.


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