Sneak Peeks – MbFF (what’s that?!)

Among my many hats, I wear one that helps in organizing the MbFF. What’s that?!

Manitoba Fibre Festival.

I’m a wee bit excited about this event – and it’s 3 months away. Still 3 months? Only 3 months? Depends one what we’re talking about needing to do.  If I’m waiting to see all the exhibits or attend a workshop – “still” / “yet” / “sadly” would all be appropriate adjectives.  If I’m considering all the stuff that is to be done between now and the end of the Festival, well, “only” is my choice.

This year features another exciting array of activities and I can’t wait to share all about it. Stay tuned with the MbFF e-list newsletters (sign up here) and Twitter and Instagram and the Blog; oh, and we’re on Facebook.

Coming soon: my favourite peeks into the Flatlands Collection of designs that will also be featured in a KAL in August leading up to the Festival.  As tech editor I’ve seen a few of these designs and I look forward to sharing them!

I promised a sneak peek. How about this video I created for the Handspun Skein competition? It’s a double-peek into some Festival info and my spinning corner.


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