It occurs to me that designing for knitwear – at least for me – is really an exercise in knediting. (BTW, it is my prerogative to make up words on my blog.)
My designs typically start with a yarn & a project idea.  I find it difficult to seek out “the perfect yarn” for a particular project idea. Instead I will have a beloved, inspiring yarn (or yarns) and a general idea of what I will knit.  Next I swatch & sketch – knediting as I go – adjusting the swatch, changing needle size, changing the stitch pattern slightly (or drastically), updating the sketch.  There is usually some (or much) frogging – ripping – restarting.

I take plentiful notes. Even if I am not intending to share/publish the pattern, I try to keep notes in case something doesn’t work and I need to go back and change things. Notes help me identify what I should fix and how far back to frog.

Last night’s knediting found me whipping up a new sample for an old design. As I am updating old patterns I am discovering that I have lost the original files to an old computer. I can pull the text from the published PDFs but I need new photos. The original Noro version of Really Want You in My World (Step by Step cowl) was gifted long ago.  A new sample was thus required. It has become my MO to first turn to handspun yarns. This skein of bulky BFL locks was begging to model the design. Who am I to argue with yarn.  It just happened to match the CD I had decided to include in the photo this time. (Last time it was still in storage while we were between homes.)

Really Want You in my World
Really Want You in My World

Previously I had hinted at the name-origin in my description. With this round of photos I was explicit.

Really Want You in My World
Hand-spun BFL locks meet Step by Step pattern for skwooshy goodness.

Stepping up. Engaging. Check.

Updating patterns – one down… (several more mid-edit).


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