Stepping Up & Engaging

Decisions Decisions.

We’ve all been at that cross-roads of life – multiple times.  “Adulting” is a legit word now, even if it hasn’t found its way into the dictionary yet.  I admit to liking it better than “ain’t”, which is now in the dictionary. (That addition fudges up my indignant rhyme.)

Since taking a drastic turn in my career choices (and then back-peddling a bit through part-time engagement with my original career as a university instructor) I have wondered what I am doing or should be doing or could be doing.

Who am I? What do I have to contribute to this lively community?

I am a knitter. I knit wonderful, beautiful, inspiring things. I enjoy showcasing indie-dyers.

I’m a designer; a part-time, casual, no pressure to meet deadlines, sharing my love of knits with others when inspired) designer.  I particularly love lace and designing for handspun yarn.

I’m a spinner. I’m not a new spinner. I’m not a master spinner (despite what my sister may say).  I’ve been engaged with the wool-to-yarn process for some time now. I work small-scale. I have dreams of fancy time-saving tools such as a large carder or at least a blending board.  I have one wheel,  a handful of spindles, and a pair of carders (thanks D).  I enjoy my tools.  I’ve certainly not invested greatly in my spinning supplies; my stash (besides a few raw fleeces) is quite limited.

I’m a fibre-enthusiast-instructor.  I share my skills in diverse ways. I particularly enjoy offering short skills workshops to inspire my fellow fibre-enthusiasts to try new things and to give them an opportunity to ask questions in person.  Longer and extended workshops are great too.  I’ve taught everything from the basics of knitting and spinning to brioche.

I’m a tech editor.  I apply my decades of experience working with a wide range of patterns and (even more) decades of editing writing and being a perfectionist with a keen eye for mistakes and inconsistencies.  It started as trading favours with friends and associates until I was asked to tech edit for a local collection of designs.  With that step, I find myself  considering if I want to take the plunge in putting myself forward, publicly, as a tech editor.  I am more than capable of doing the editing; the question I ask is if I want to run a business promoting my services.

Moving Forward

I am taking the first step to edit all my old patterns. Back in the day, before everyone was an indie-designer, I truly did not care much about how pretty the layout looked so long as the instructions were clear to the average knitter, and mistake-free.  To be honest, I still don’t care much for pretty layouts or too many photos that waste ink if I want to print (no e-reader here). Nevertheless, I do see the value in consistency and so I am currently engaged with reformatting my small collection.  I’ve also learned over the years that I really shouldn’t take “common knowledge” for granted in the knitting world (or any world).  Since I started sharing my designs, I’ve learned that it is now expected that I explain what “K”, “sts”, and “SSK”, etc. are short for.

The university-level instructor that-is-me balks at having to explain such basics.  The teacher-who-wishes-to-help-others that-is-also-me understands the importance of supporting developing knitters.  Teacher-self wins. I can take the time to include a few more explanations.

In light of the fact that I am updating all my patterns and including new social media links, etc, I thought it prudent to get a recent post up and start this new venture.

Should you have happened upon this; and if it’s the only post (except for that really old “hello” from when I was a guest blogger); and if you are curious about my previous blogging – you can find me back at



2 thoughts on “Stepping Up & Engaging

  1. I’m going to comment to myself here because I’ve never tracked viewers before. WordPress does and within hours of posting I am surprised to see 3 new views and one from the Netherlands. I can see how bloggers get excited by stats.

  2. I would love to use you again as a tech editor. I have a project I have been working on for a couple years. I appreciated all your help on the Flatlands project. Glad to find your slice of the web. Looking forward to more 💜

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